The TA developed in Venice in 2006 as a consolidation and evolution of the professional activity of Alberto Torsello since 1994 in the field of promotion and care of architectural and cultural heritage.


parking's architecture, landscape architecture

Parking Leonardo Da Vinci

The entry gates and the ventilation system define a communication system. The landscape gives to the parking an urban insertion, creating a connection to the existing spaces....

restoration in venice

Casa a San Vio

Restoration of a suggestive attic in a XV century Palace. The terraces, windows and a staircase build a spatial perception of living at one with the city landscape....

residential project

Casa a San Maurizio

Residential project consisting in the transformation of a Venetian charming apartment of the 60ies into a Canal Grande Palace. Doors in iron and marmorino plaster to build internal landscapes complemented by rich decorative marbles and a design pieces....

restoration of residential units

Casa alla Salute

Restoration of two residential units in a Venetian gothic Palace and design of all interior elements. Stairs connecting and creating spaces and functional place; use of stone, squared and monolithic to redefine the common space; use of wood, soft and dynamic, for private space. Bathrooms, boxes carved in stone, complete the space of the rooms. ...

heritage conservation Venice, new residential building

Casa delle quattro sorelle

A new residential building with four floors and a terrace as the roof slab. A plant with two opposing views without central structures. The theme of light and rounded corners as sign of care and decoration....