The TA developed in Venice in 2006 as a consolidation and evolution of the professional activity of Alberto Torsello since 1994 in the field of promotion and care of architectural and cultural heritage.


landscape architecture, barriers for highway

Highway Noise Barriers – A27

Landscape architecture project consisting in the design and installation of new barriers for highway through a careful analysis of the existing landscape: color and shape to link the nature....

building restoration

Palazzo in Piazza San Vito

Restoration of an existing building in a Piazza of the old town of Treviso. A giant order on the groundfloor and a skyward closing with a glass surface. The Istria stone gives the public and durable character....

equestrian center building, equestrian center project

Equestrian Center

Project and realization of an all in wood equestrian center building that open and close as a tortoise into the landscape....

restaurant interior design

Ristorante San Martino

Restoration of a restaurant into a flexible multi-space place where the elliptic stair is the nucleus of connections. The project involved also the restaurant's interior design....