The TA developed in Venice in 2006 as a consolidation and evolution of the professional activity of Alberto Torsello since 1994 in the field of promotion and care of architectural and cultural heritage.


Palazzo Labia

Palazzo Labia, Salone delle Feste

The intervention of consolidation of frescoes by Giovan Battista Tiepolo had as its primary objective the implementation of the work safety with the consolidation of the gaps and eliminating possible causes of alteration related its environment in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Office supervision....

paludo bridge

PEBA, Paludo bridge

The Paludo bridge is the main link between the island of San Piero and the island of St. Elena. The project comprises the modernization of the bridge with current norms for the elimination of architectural barriers. The project involves light materials as to be revertible....

restoration project, palazzo malvasia sugana

Palazzo Malvasia Sugana

The Palace is located in the old town of Treviso near to the Malvasia Ponte one of the most charming places of the city. Through the restoration of the facades he has come to light the valuable decorative exterior and interior apparatus. The restoration project transform into new living spaces the !4th century building, with new technology and structural safety interventions....

conservation project

Villa De Mattia

The Villa De Mattia building complex is located near the historic town of Asolo in the Santa Caterina and consist of the monumental Villa, the annexed Loggia and the northwest and east seats gardens. The project includes a careful intervention and small internal changes to rifunzionalizzazione and adjustments for the new cultural destination, office and residential....

Palladio’s Villa

Complesso di Villa Emo, La Filanda

Restoration and change of use as service center of a bank keeping intact the typological characteristics od the old rural building of the well know Palladio’s Villa. Landscape, stairs, bathrooms and meeting rooms define the project and communication centers....

villa emo

Villa Emo

The restoration of the Villa Emo's park coincides with the preparation for the celebration events of the 500th anniversary of Andrea Palladio's birth. The intervention, provides for a series of maintenance works and restoration of the original elements working mainly on the outer casing elements that ensure the proper preservation of the building. In particular works of the roof structure maintenance, chimneys and disposal of water networks now obsolete....