The TA developed in Venice in 2006 as a consolidation and evolution of the professional activity of Alberto Torsello since 1994 in the field of promotion and care of architectural and cultural heritage.


conservation of historical palace

Palazzo in via Isola di mezzo

The building is a remarkable example of historical architecture of the 14th Century, in the old town of Treviso. The house in its interior rooms presents traces of pictorial decorations of considerable value. The building has been transformed with structural interventions and with the creation of two residentail units. Later, these units have been transformed into offices. A new vertical freestanding stair connects the various floors....

exhibition space

Ex centrale idroelettrica

The project has mainly involved: some maintenance works, the upgrading of the paths, the adaptation of the external areas plant for the new use as an exhibition space of the XX Century hydroelectric headquarter....

clock tower

Torre dell’ orologio

The Municipality of Venice together with the prestigious watches company called Piaget have taken the whole burden of the intervention on the 16th Century towers in San Marco square, including the watch machine and its mechanisms. The first phase of work led to the restoration of the Clock, in exact coincidence with the 500 years of life of the complex....

alpine museum

Alpine Museum

The project for the headquarters of the Alpine Museum includes the restoration and reuse of the building's ruins which rises close to embankment of the Monticano river....

exhibition design

Dolomiti Visiting Center

The project of exhibition design for the New Center of Dolomites Natural Park provides for the establishment of the visitor center on the ground floor, offices on the first floor and the conference room on the second floor. The idea of the project is to bring as much as possible the visitor in touch with the natural beauty of the park already in the visitor center, and, in particular, with three species of animals - eagles, ungulates, marmots - were chosen to be representative of the park's wildlife....

orthodox community architectural complex

Orthodox Community complex

The intervention on the architectural complex , department of Orthodox Community, includes the Church one of the most beautiful ortodox in the worls, the tower and the school. It referrs to the external parts of buildings with special attention to construction techniques, preservation of traditions materials to the smallest detail, taking care to remove the operations carried out over the years who have not proven compatible....

restoration church

Chiesa dei SS. Cosma e Damiano-Ex Herion

Restoration and transformation of the ancient 15th century Monastery Church into an “incubator" of high-tech development firms. The building complex is an "incubator" of high-tech development firms. The inner division of space is obtained by the use of closed walls with glass panels. The vertical connection is ensured by a new block stairs, inside which are placed the hoistway elevator and two elevator. The general system of the plants and work spaces, including over the Church even the vast rear building once used as a "deposit" of the factory....

restoration of a holiday house

Holiday house – Puglia

The project is the restoration of a holiday house built in the seventies according to the traditions of Apulian building styles known as “pajare”. They was reinterpreted in a modern way and with the creation of outdoor spaces....