The TA developed in Venice in 2006 as a consolidation and evolution of the professional activity of Alberto Torsello since 1994 in the field of promotion and care of architectural and cultural heritage.


Palazzo Zaguri

Conservation of a 14th-15th century building, repurposed as an exhibition center. Photo © Alessandra Chemollo

site protection

Il cubo

Temporary site protection. Photo © Alessandra Chemollo

architectural restoration

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Soccorso

Restoration of a 17th Century deconsacrated Church into a multiuse and working space.

teatro italia, heritage conservation Venice

Cinema Teatro Italia

Restoration of a 1915 theater frescoed by A. Pomi, Martina U., G. Marussig, wrought Iron by U Bellotto, Interesting transformation into a supermarket with respect of the ancient theatre.

fondaco dei tedeschi, heritage conservation Venice

Fondaco dei Tedeschi

The first great store department in Venice into an historic building. Restoration trough some new elements such as stairs, elevators, terrace: the use of noble materials in the Venetian modern tradition

villa emo

Complesso di Villa Emo, la Fattoria

Restoration and reuse of the farm of Palladio's masterpiece. Exterior arrangement, insertion of new volumes and stairs were carried out while original structure and aspect were maintained. Photo © fulvio orsenigo orch

theater la fenice

La Fenice

Reconstruction of the Great Theater La Fenice after the fire that destroyed the building. A deep and detailed control of the geometric and dimensional elements preserved after the fire, and the reconstruction of decorative apparatus.


Casa Longobarda

The Casa Longobarda was built in the early '500 by the architect Francesco Grazioli mathematician and scholar at the court of Queen Caterina Cornaro Asolo. Located at the west end of the town of Asolo. monument is considered of great value mainly for the rich and unique sculptural apparatus in the facade. The project involves the recovery of residential purposes house on two levels thorough restoration of the external important decorative stone facade with a strict collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Office.

villa rinaldi

Villa Rinaldi Barbini. Le barchesse

The complex of Villa Rinaldi is located at the base of the hill of Asolo country area. The complex originally consisted in a set of buildings arranged to "U": the center is the sixteenth-century magniloquent Villa, on the west end designed a well designed 16th Century country building and on the other end of the house of gardener. The preservation and rehabilitation of historic and artistic value of the complex Villa Rinaldi is based on a program of reuse of the complex for cultural purposes, for public use, residential and private use. The complex of Villa Rinaldi highlights the formal and functional relationships between the large main body, frescoed inside, the two agricultural barns adjacent to use and articulated system of gardens.

architectural conservation

Palazzo Borghese del Vivaro

The building is a XX Century Urban Villa of four levels and two extensions wings facing the Tevere river in Rome. The project aims an assessment of the interior spaces and architectural features suggested the use of quality materials with classic designs with a contemporary and innovative composition and elements in dialogue with the classical context.